Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida

The Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida (DSACF) is committed to offering hope, acceptance, and empowerment to all individuals with Down syndrome and their families.

Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida

Consistent Growth

Since partnering with Abacus Hive, the Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida has grown annual revenue by 69%. Abacus Hive has been beside the executive team, ensuring the financial systems scaled appropriately during this growth. 

Prior Years Clean-Up

Abacus Hive lead the effort to resolve accounting differences from prior periods to ensure the accounting records reflected accurate financial position and activity. This was a critical effort due to the yearly audit, and we worked directly with the auditor to ensure all material reporting areas were appropriately addressed. 

Chart of Accounts Restructure

Our team analyzed the original chart of accounts and transitioned the client to a more robust set of accounts that better reflected their industry and needs. A relevant chart of accounts means more meaningful reporting and, in the end, equals better decision-making. 

Grant & Restriction Tracking

Our team formalized a grant tracking procedure within QuickBooks Online that previously was done solely through excel. With our expertise in QuickBooks Online, we can provide robust reporting on grant and restriction balances necessary to ensure compliance.

The Abacus Hive staff is very responsive and accommodating. They go above and beyond to help us make good decisions with sound financial data. Our financials have never been so comprehensive and easy to read!
Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida | Local Nonprofit
Complimentary Consultation

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